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Signs Of Illness in Birds :

It is of critical importance that you learn to recognize the subtle signs of illness in birds.  Birds mask their illness often until it is far too late to intervene successfully.  Early recognition and intervention is vital to the success of treating your bird for any illness.

How to tell if your bird is sick – good article from, early recognition of illness is the key

Signs if Illness in birds – great article, early diagnosis is the key to recovery, don’t waste time if your bird is not well!

Other Resources : – their bird articles, health, care, and behavior

African Love Bird Society – article page with good ones on Basics of Care, Cages and Cage Wire – basic bird care article

Basic Bird Care tips – nice article with solid basic bird care tips

National Cockatiel Society – link to their extensive articles scroll down and will find links for health, breeding, and housing. – numerous articles on pet bird care, and diseases – numerous articles, easiest to search for ‘bird’ to get article listing

UC Davis Bird Links – good link on how to switch your bird off of seed diet alone, and healthy veggie shopping list for birds – Zupreem’s bird information links on health, behavior, and nutrition

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