This section is a listing of various outside links that we have found to be useful or to contain generally reliable information. However, as always, it is up to the reader to verify and fact-check everything they read on the internet.

Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters

Two of our favorites rescue groups at NSPC :

ARFMS – Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi

MARL – Mississippi Animal Rescue League

Travel With Pets

APHIS Pet Travel General Info Page – General info and helpful links for domestic and international travel with pets.

APHIS International Pet Transport Regulations – Listing of the regulations by destination country.

Canine Behavior Resources

Canine Enrichment Resources :

Purina PP5 Phone App – Phone app that has basic training and beginning agility training videos.

Urban Ball Herding – Good discussion of how to teach urban herding game, also nice links to Target training for games.

Canine Behavior Resources :

ASPCA Behavorial Issues – link to the ASPCA’s virtual behavior site for cats and dogs.

Center for Shelter Dogs Webinars – Nice webinar archive of behavorially sound approaches to common problems.

Dog Body Language Video – Brief video demonstrating some of the typical stressed canine body language.

Dog Stress Body Language – excellent link to Liam J. Perk Foundation with extensive pictures of stressed canine body language.

Dr. Meredith Stepita’s Behavior Blogs – nice set of articles on variety of common dog behavior topics.  Not indexed, you just have to scroll though.

Dr. Sophia Yin’s Behavior Blog – Very extensive set of blog articles and training videos for dog behavior issues.  Good index.

House Training Tips for Puppies – AVSAB has a listing of several different articles about methods to house train your puppy and dealing with challenges in achieving house training.

Nail Trim and Grooming Training – Dr. Yin’s article with video on how to train your dog to handle nail trimming and grooming.

Puppy Basic Problems, Training, and Handling – OSU’s dog site is not quite finished, but this a very good section.

Tufts Behavior Clinic – Preventing Canine Behavior Problems.  Nice list of articles on the most common problems.

Canine Health Resources

ACVS’s Surgical Disease Topics – American College of Veterinary Surgeon’s library of small animal surgical topics for owners.

Blind Dog Resource Guide – Nice listing of resources and information for owners of blind dogs.

DVSC’s Surgical Disease Library – Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center’s extensive surgical disease library.

Pet Health Network – extensive website with quality articles designed for the pet owner on numerous health issues for dogs

Feline Behavior Resources

Environmental Enrichment Sources for Indoor Cats :

AAFP Environmental Needs Guidelines – In depth journal article describing guidelines for environment enrichment.  Very detailed but easily readable by owners.

DV360 Cat Enrichment Article – brief article with good basic tips on improving your cat’s environment.

Sundahl on Keeping Cat’s Happy – this article has a very extensive list at the end of several great enrichment articles.

Indoor Cat Environment Enrichment – OSU’s site has alot of great information, from enrichment to behavior problems.

Toys, Playing and Enrichment for Cats – Cat’s International site, a lot of great enrichment information and discussions of behavior issues in cats

Behavorial Issues :

ASPCA Behavioral Issues – link to the ASPCA’s virtual behavior site for cats and dogs.

Cat Body Language – this article by the AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior) lists three other articles in the links at the end that have good pictures and discussions of what various cat body language positions mean.

Cat Communication – good pictures and nice discussion of routine cat communication, vocal and physical body language.

Behavior Issues and Cats – link for their behavior articles.

Dr. Sophia Yin’s Behavior Blogs – has a nice section of cat articles to look through.  Good index.

Feline House Soiling Problem Guide – Feline Advisory Bureau site link.

Jackson Galaxy’s Words of Wisdom – The Animal Planet’s show “My Cat From Hell” hosted by Jackson Galaxy has several videos under the ‘Words of Wisdom’ tab.  Of particular note are “How to Properly Pet”, “How to Properly Play with”, “How to Handle Scared Cats”, “How to Bond with Your Cat”, “How to Introduce a Baby”.  Also some nice articles in the Cat Health Tab as well.

Reading your cat – Good discussion of cat body language

Tufts Behavior Clinic – Preventing feline behavior problems. Nice list of articles on the most common problems.

Feline Health Resources

ACVS’s Surgical Disease Topics – American College of Veterinary Surgeon’s library of small animal surgical topics for owners.

DVSC’s Surgical Disease Library – Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center’s extensive surgical disease library.

Medicating your cat – Video by Cornell University on how to give a cat a pill, as well as numerous links on other types of meds and tips to give them as well.

Pet Health Network – extensive website with numerous articles written for the pet owner on a variety of health topics.

Subtle Signs of Illness in Cats – nice discussion of subtle signs of illness in cats.

Taking Your Cat to the Vet – excellent detailed pdf download about how to prepare the cat to be less difficult to transport.

Transporting Cat to the Vet Tips – short informative article with many good tips.

Pet Food, Nutrition, Recalls, and Veterinary Prescription Diets

American College of Veterinary Nutrition – ACVN has excellent discussions in their FAQ.  Organic ingredients, raw foods, homemade diets, a lot of valid information.

AVMA Pet Food Recall Listing – recall food listing, site currently re-opening in Aug 2012, has the link to their twitter feed that is current on the subject.

Hill’s Science Diet Veterinary Prescription Diets – information on Hill’s prescription diets, routine dog and cat health care, common diseases affected by diet.

How to Read a Pet Food Label – FDA’s site with informative article on what the requirements and wording are for pet food labels.

Purina Veterinary Prescription Diets – information on Purina’s prescription diets, routine dog and cat health care, and common diseases affected by diet.

Royal Canin Veterinary Prescription Diets – very nice library of disease information, RC’s prescription diets, and routine health care information for dogs and cats.

Cat and Dog Nutritional Needs – Science based discussion of actual nutritional needs for dogs and cats.  Easy read, intended for owners.

Poisons and Toxins in Small Animals

ASPCA Animal Poison Control – link to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Hotline.

Pet Poison Hotline – Link to the Pet Poison Website, they have an extensive poison listing (top left link), also offer an iphone app.

Toxic Plant Listing – ASPCA’s poison control center extensive listing of poisonous plants complete with pictures of the plants.

Toxic People Food Listing – ASPCA’s poison control center listing of table foods which can be toxic or harmful to pets.

Veterinary Specialists and Referral Centers

Advanced Animal Eye Care Specialists – Dr. Bill Miller, board certified veterinary ophthalmologist

Animal Emergency and Referral Center – extension of MSU College of Veterinary medicine offering referral services in surgery, dermatology, internal medicine, and emergency services.

Pet Bird Information Resources

Signs Of Illness in Birds :

It is of critical importance that you learn to recognize the subtle signs of illness in birds.  Birds mask their illness often until it is far too late to intervene successfully.  Early recognition and intervention is vital to the success of treating your bird for any illness.

How to tell if your bird is sick – good article from, early recognition of illness is the key

Signs if Illness in birds – great article, early diagnosis is the key to recovery, don’t waste time if your bird is not well!

Other Resources : – their bird articles, health, care, and behavior

African Love Bird Society – article page with good ones on Basics of Care, Cages and Cage Wire – basic bird care article

Basic Bird Care tips – nice article with solid basic bird care tips

National Cockatiel Society – link to their extensive articles scroll down and will find links for health, breeding, and housing. – numerous articles on pet bird care, and diseases – numerous articles, easiest to search for ‘bird’ to get article listing

UC Davis Bird Links – good link on how to switch your bird off of seed diet alone, and healthy veggie shopping list for birds – Zupreem’s bird information links on health, behavior, and nutrition

Ferret Information Resources – the ferret article page which has care, behavior, feeding, health and disease – numerous articles on ferret care and diseases – searchable article listing on ferret behavior, care, diseases

UC Davis Ferret Links – two links on UC davis’ exotic page about care and health of ferrets – articles on ferret care, behavior, and disease

Fish Information Resources – freshwater aquariums – freshwater care, nutrition, diseases, equipment – saltwater aquariums – saltwater are, nutrition, diseases, equipment – basic freshwater fish start up article – articles on fish feeding, health and diseases of fresh and marine pet fish – searchable article listing on fish care and diseases

Small Mammal Information Resources

(All the small furry pets – Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats, sugar gliders, etc) – the link to the exotic pets page, several of the small mammals are listed on the left hand side

American Cavy Breeder’s Association– link to their online articles about guinea pig care, nutrition, and diseases – several articles on pocket pet care and husbandry – searchable article listing on small mammal care, search by name as well (gerbil, hamster, etc)

UC Davis small mammal links – healthy veggie guide and good hamster and guinea pig care sheet

Reptile and Amphibian Information Resources – numerous reptile and amphibian articles

Bearded Dragon Care – Very complete website on bearded dragon care. The other reptile links on th eleft not really so grand.

Box turtle care and conservation page – excellent page with A-Z listing of care and housing fpr box turtles

Kaplan’s Reptiles and Amphibians – Melissa Kaplan’s excellent site on Reptile and Amphibian husbandry and care.

Long Island Herpetological Society – several extensive care sheets for diffrent reptiles – searchable article listing on reptile nutrition, housing, care, and diseases – articles on reptiles and amphibians

UC Davis reptile links – healthy veggie shopping guide for herbivorous reptiles, and guide to feeding carnivorous and insectivorous reptiles

Rabbit Information Resources – several rabbit articles including care and health – great basic rabbit care article

House Rabbit Society – link to their care page, excellent resource

My House Rabbit – excellent site with tabs for care, health, and behavior – numerous articles on Rabbit care and diseases – searchable article listing on rabbit care and diseases

The Bunny Basics – good tabs on care, health and facts